Hamlet and Polonius and Claudius

When Hamlet slays Polonius he asks the question: “Is it the King”? Now this could mean a lot of things. One, he knew it was either the King or Polonius and just hoped for the first. Two, he knew it was Polonius and was just sick of his buffoonery . Three, he honestly thought it was the King but was too cowardly to open the arras prior to killing. Lastly maybe he thought it was a malicious spy and was just protecting himself. Whatever it was he doesn’t seem too remorseful afterwards.
One thing Hamlet says after the slaughter of Polonius is: ” I took thee for thy better”. This could mean two things: he took him for his better parts and not his foolish ones or it could mean he took him for his actual better in rank or the King Claudius.


One thought on “Hamlet and Polonius and Claudius

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