Pondering on Hamlet

Hamlet truly shows devotion to his father by being willing to sacrifice himself in order to put his soul to rest. The Ghost had commanded to kill Claudius and lead Gertrude to heaven. If he acted right away that would have avoided all the mayhem that takes place? Of course Hamlet might have been in trouble with the law but the complete bloodbath would have been avoided. The queen with her devotion to her son could of probably managed a cover-up of some sort. It seems as if Gertrude is the only woman that Hamlet has ever been genuinely loved by. If Hamlet became King and had all the power, he could do whatever he wanted including having relations with the queen. So maybe if he would of killed Claudius right away he would of ultimately be a slave to his passions and betray his father by continuing the pattern of incest. Then perhaps his conscience is tortured by leaving his father as a perturbed spirit stuck in limbo forever. Maybe the guilt vexes Hamlet so bad he is forced to end his own life. That would be the epitome of outrageous fortune. Then Gertrude might commit suicide too after Hamlet does so. So when people say, if Hamlet would of just killed the King right away everything would of been peachy; not necessarily so.


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