Crafting A Shakespearean Speech

NOW…is…the WINTER of our *DIS-CON-TENT*!
YORK. And…ALL THE CLOUDS…(that lour’d upon our house)……in the DEEP…BUSOM……of the OCEAN………buried
     There are just so many possibilities in the choices you have for speaking Shakespeare. Where other authors may have three or four ways you can say something, Shakespeare literally has endless. Here I have layed out the beginning of the opening speech from King Richard III. Capitals are louder and accentuated. Underlining and strikethrough is a lowering or raising in tone respectively; ellipses are pauses. The more dots the longer the pause. Things in stars are too be relished and spoken slower. Hyphenated words are to be spoken with each syllable especially distinct. Things put in parentheses are meant to be spoken faster; Its so fun to play around with Shakespeare’s speeches, as it really is the nonpareil of the English language and full of so much rhetorical richness. I will be doing full speeches in the future to illustrate how I might recite Shakespeare’s timeless cogitations. I put this up to let you know how I would go about it. I will do my first complete one tomorrow and look forward to hearing from some of you readers, how  you might intepret them.

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