The Tempest Part Two

“Beseech you sir be merry, you have cause so have we all of joy, for our escape is much beyond our loss.” This reminds us that no matter how bad things get, we can always come up with something to be happy about. Gonzalo from the Tempest presents himself as an incessantly inspiring optimist. The one that brings everyone up when everyone else is down. He is the glimmer of hope in a world of darkness. Prospero says,”first noble friend let me embrace thine age, whose honor cannot be measured or confined.” Poetically speaking his honor is as “boundless as the sea,” and among the King’s ship, he stands out as “the noblest of them all.” The sea that washed him away in the Tempest allowed him to teach everyone that when you’re patient and show enough gratitude for the good things, “calm seas and auspicious gales” are sure to make their way home.


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