A Lesson From The Tempest

“There be some sports are painful, and their labor, delight in them sets off; some kinds of baseness are nobly undergone, and most poor matters point to rich ends.” Everything we do depends on our perspective. As Hamlet states, “there is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” When Ferdinand is moving the log, he says, “I had rather crack my sinews, break my back, then you should such dishonor undergo while I sit lazy by.” We get a glimpse of Ferdinand’s virtue in this statement. He sees that his role as the man makes it only appropriate to do the physical labor, and he holds laziness in ill-esteem, something that points to his nobleness. Although he doesn’t enjoy his taxing task, he looks at it in a way that empowers him, “The mistress which I serve makes my labors pleasures.” He looks at his situation with felicitate motivation. No matter how menial a task may seem, keep your mind focused on why it’s necessary to be done and the delight it may bring others.


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