Antony and Cleopatra Part 2

“Sometimes we see a cloud that’s dragonish, a vapor sometime like a bear or lion, a towered citadel, a pendent rock, a forked mountain, or blue promontory with trees upon’t that nod unto the world and mock our eyes with air.” Like a cloud in the sky, sometimes we as people change before we have realized anything has happened. It seems when we go through life, we blink our eyes and we are metamorphosed into something unfamiliar, just as a cloud changes shape right before us, even though we actually were never conscious of a change taking place. Sometimes we change so frequently that we lose our sense of identity. We forget who we really are or who we have strived to be. Antony calls the clouds that can shift before our eyes, “Black vesper’s pageants.”
Black in the sense that they blind our sense of our self-image and lead us into a dark state of contemplative melancholy that can make us question the meaning of our own existence. Maybe if we look long enough into the clouds we can see a silver lining that inspires us to carry on, unlike Antony, who reasons with sentiments of the Roman code of honor that, “There is left ourselves to end ourselves.”


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