A Brief Commentary on Twelfth Night

Olivia gets put in an interesting predicament when she thinks she is marrying Cesario (Viola’s masculine counterfeit) but actually marries her twin Sebastian. It seems a very convenient solution as the only way Olivia and Viola could be together is if they compromised their sexuality, and Olivia doesn’t complain about the mistake; she embraces it. Because Viola and Sebastian look indistinguishable, we would be inclined to consider that they mirror themselves in other ways: things such as honor, integrity, and virtue. These things are often similar between siblings but not always. It is influenced by their domestic environment during childhood and adolescence which with them being twins is probable to have been quite similar. Because both Viola and Sebastian end up with worthy counterparts, she with the Duke and he with, a Count’s daughter, Olivia, we can surmise they possess both an inner and outer charm. In Twelfth Night the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; but in this case, it’s in a good way.


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