Antony and Cleopatra Part 1

Some Saturaday Cogitations.

Shakespeare Unlimited

Cleopatra is called many things throughout the play including “whore”, “slave”, and “gypsy”. Her beauty is almost beyond comprehension, and she is called these things out of spite and jealousy. She as seems to have an insatiable sexual appetite, and Antony has become “the bellows and the fan to cool his gypsy’s lust.” Antony is torn between his duties in Rome and his “Egyptian dish.” Shakespeare illuminates the concept of lust being a distraction to the obligations we have in life. As Philo says, Antony has changed since consorting with Cleopatra, “Those his goodly eyes that have glowed like plated Mars now bend the office and devotion of their view upon a tawny front.” The beaming enthusiasm he once employed his duties with has tarnished into a “tawny” or lack-lustre indifference. What once was his priority has now taken the back burner to Cleopatra’s whims. A lesson we can take…

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