Be a Man

A sissy or a King. The latter sounds better; if he had only known that his Conscience would CRUMBLE: he would have been happy getting his surreptitious masculine lusts and desires satiated by perhaps a well-becoming cadet he met at camp. The fact that he is persuaded to murder in cold blood makes me feel like he is insecure about his sexuality and perhaps is over-compensating. Belike Lady Macbeth had suspicions of this and was threatening to expose him. Scholars have argued for years that the modern version of Macbeth is likely an abridged rendition. Perhaps Lady Macbeth says, “Kill the King or I will expose your abominations.” Just throwin’ it out there. Great job “Shakespeare II” on this post and the image included with it. I look forward to reading more of your writing. All smiles 🙂

Shakespeare II

I have read Macbeth a few times already and I can’t help but be drawn to the initial role reversal we see in the first act. Lady Macbeth is not the quiet well-mannered house wife. Her evil plot to kill Duncan down to the last detail is frightening and then realizing it is coming from a female character adds to the shock of the entire scene. Macbeth’s manhood is put on the table here and although he falters and wants to not go through with it, he ultimately goes through with the deed to stop his wife from basically calling him a scared little girl. What else was Macbeth supposed to do with his wife humiliating him like that? Honor is all someone has and I think Macbeth was at a position where he could not back down.
After Macbeth has gotten his taste for blood, in Act three we…

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