Double, Double Toil and TROUBLE!

Great advice for writers! In every way shape and form, Shakespeare understood the excitement of trouble. In every one of his 37 plays, conflict and trouble pervade abundantly. Bravo, Sweet Swan of Avon; you demonstrated a complete mastery of writing that we all can learn from. I love you: Shakespeare.


Image  (photo credit Writers Write Creative Blog)

I’m a bit of a Pinterest addict.

Besides there being a TON of great boards to follow with writing prompts, advice, publishing ideas, avenues for creativity, etc, I just REALLY like to decorate, bake, create, design, and dream about doing all of those things.

So when I stumbled upon this quote this evening, I knew there would be a blog post about it. Because it just SCREAMS a need to be discussed.

As soon as I read this, it immediately brought Shakespeare to mind. Even as a young teenager I loved his work, especially Macbeth. I could read that over and over and over. Shakespeare was a genius, no doubt about it, and the foreshadowing of the three witches at the beginning just echoes a good story, and lots of doom and gloom.

If a story was written with me as the main character…

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