King Lear and Lessons Taught & Learned

Shakespeare Unlimited

22225545“Unhappy that I am, I cannot heave my heart into my mouth. I love you according to my bond no more, nor less.” In the conclusion of the Tragedy of King Lear, Edgar offers some wise words about how we should, “Speak what we feel not what we ought to say.” We may feel confused as to who Edgar is talking about as Cordelia was frank about her feelings; but dishonest words sprang from her sisters. It was Goneril and Regan who didn’t say how they despised their father and said what they ought to say in order secure their two thirds of the Kingdom. Their dishonesty then prompted Cordelia to be short with her father because she was so frustrated with what what she knew was going on; flattery and manipulation. This lavish flattery was over-the-top: “Sir I love you more than words can weild the matter, dearer than…

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