What Hamlet’s Exhortation to Horatio Teaches us about Philosophy

221“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” There are innumerable ideas out there that Horatio and all of us have never thought before; not because we are necessarily short-sighted but becuase unless you are playing the devil’s advocate with yourself, its not possible to think of something outside your own realm of thinking [your philosophy]. Secondly these realities [bred from ideas] would make little to no sense since they are the product of someone’s mind other than Horatio’s own. Even when we might play the devil’s advocate with ourselves, we certainly don’t leap around with what makes sense to us [especially if we have a strong sense of self]. This creates a vaguely nostalgic and mysterious environment that incinerates our ‘peace of mind’ and engenders organic disquiet within our psyche and synthetic hell-fire right above the basement of our souls. What is left unknown we can never distinguish[barring some sort of Divine Providence]; yet if we acknowledge that there are always things foreign to us, we reach a realization that we as humans no matter how ingenious, cannot even begin to attempt to know all; and if we did, tragically and paradoxically there would be nothing left to strive for.


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