Twelfth Night Memories From Long Ago!

One of the things I love about Shakespeare is that every presentation of any given play is unique in its own way. Directors make choices how the given narrative will unfold based on the actors involved and a creative vision which will they feel will connect with their audience. Along those same lines, I love the fact that with each and every person, different things stick out in their mind when describing what they feel is the essence of the story. This gives the potential for every retelling to be an exciting adventure that feels as fresh and unpredictable as the first time we discovered it. This was one of the first Shakespeare shows I ever saw, I was around 14 or 15 when my dad took me to Shakespeare Santa Cruz in California, so it has a special place in my heart. I remember reading the act and scene summaries to dad, quizzing him on who loved who, as he was a self-proclaimed Shakespeare virgin. Sitting at the kitchen table for hours , we went round and round, laughing at our inability to get the story right; it seemed to him like an unsolvable riddle trying to figure out the storyline: something like, “the Duke loves Olivia, Olivia loves Cesario, the Duke sends Cesario, who is really Viola, to woo Olivia, but feels bad because he, who is really a she, loves the Duke herself.” After we realized that we had understood the story as much as we could, we finally put the printed notes off the internet aside and drove off to see the play. Although I remember being overjoyed seeing this play for the first time, the memory with dad stuck with me even more and left me with holding this play very near my heart. My dad has remained supportive of my efforts with this blog and has been a prominent source of inspiration for many of my posts. Love you Dad!


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