An Ode To Timothy

Prospero intends to amend his wrongers’ evil ways through his magical commands mostly performed by his faithful sprite Ariel. Through the harmless shipwreck, Prospero is able to summon all his chief wrongers upon a special island to vex and mind-menace them with visions, sounds and doctrines that turn out to be insubstantial, distorted, or mere half-truths [of course they don’t know that]. These unnerving mirages and contortions of reality lead them to self-reflection & Reformation. Although it’s not specifically quoted in the play, they’re basically taught what measure ye mete, it shall be measured back to you again. So Ariel and his master reform the evil-doers and teach them the Wonder of Forgiveness. Prospero’s mission is complete.

Samantha R. Literature Blog

While reading Shakespeare’s The Tempest all I continued to wonder is what is Prospero trying to acomplish? Is he seeking revenge on his brother, Antonio? At first glance, Prospero seems to be hatching up an evil plan, Shipwrecking a king, his prince, and their men (including Antonio) when he instructs his enslaved spirit, Ariel: “Hast thou, spirit,Performed to point the tempest that I bade thee?” (1.2.194-195). Ariel informs Prosporo that he carried out all Prospero’s orders as ordered to. What I could’t help to notice was that Prospero is concerned with their well being when he asks Ariel, ” But are they, Ariel, safe?” (1.2.217). Evil characters are not concerned with their victims’ safety, so why is Prospero? What are his intentions?

Prospero even seems evil in his treatment of Ferdinand, the prince of Naples, who has fallen in love with Prospero’s daughter, Miranda. Prospero threatens:” Come, I’ll manacle thy neck and feet…

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