About Justin

Here’s a short bio of me written by my mother, Denise Longo.

Justin was born in San Jose, California on November 26; ironically, it fell on Thanksgiving day. He was a bright child and had a zest for life. His parents were both in the Mortgage and Real Estate industry. He also has a brother who is married with a baby boy and lives in Bellingham, Washington. Justin was very talented as a young student; he played trombone in his junior high school band and was a straight A student three years in a row. He went to a performing Arts High School in Las Vegas and studied classical piano. As time went on he showed an unbelievable interest in Shakespeare and started reading all the plays and bought every book and version of Shakespeare he could find. Him being half Armenian he even found a version of Hamlet written in Armenian that belonged to my grandfather George Donoian. Justin now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. His greatest passions are Music, Theatre and of course the works of the one and only William Shakespeare. I hope you will join Justin on his unique journey of exploring all of Shakespeare’s works which continue to live on forever.


4 thoughts on “About Justin

  1. Hi Justin. I have been a Shakespeare lover since my school days but unlike you he never became a passion. However, it is pleasing to see a fellow blogger keeping the old bard going by creating awareness. And now I have a useful resource to tap into. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. You are welcome any time. James


    • Thank you so much for your heartfelt remarks towards my blog. It means the world to hear appreciation for what I am so dedicated towards. I have never found an author that came even close to inspiring me as much as Shakespeare and your support has my heartfelt gratitutde. Take care and talk to you soon.


  2. WOW I am so glad I found this blog. I managed to find you after listening to your rendition of Sonnet #43 on your YouTube channel, I think you really need to link both together. Your performance is outstanding and one of the best renditions I have heard and I listen to lots. I have grown to love the works of Shakespeare now I am in older and I particularly love #ShakespeareSunday on Twitter it is a wonderful place to find inspiration into what to investigate next. Thank you I look forward to popping back and learning more. 🙂


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